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11/01/2020, 1:00pm EST
By Rhode Island Hockey


November 1, 2020

Dear RI Hockey Community, 

The Rhode Island Hockey community has been faced with many challenges since the outbreak of Covid-19, just like many other communities in the world. The Rhode Island Hockey Board of Directors understands that this newly updated closure may have come as a shock to many people in our community. 

While many of the players, families, and facilities throughout our state have been doing a tremendous job following the guidance, there have been instances where others may have not been following the guidelines correctly. It is crucial that everyone does his or her part to avoid a much longer shutdown. 

At this time all we can do is focus on what we as a whole can control. The RI hockey board of directors has and will continue to work closely with government officials to do whatever is necessary to keep the great sport of hockey going after this quick pause from the ice in RI. 

Many have asked what as a hockey community can we do? 

Lets continue to take pride in our great community and focus on getting the players back on the ice safely. The focus should be on trying to avoid all current and possible future disruptions caused by covid-19 in the rink, during play and at the same time, acting responsibly outside of the rink to do what we can to prevent the further spread of this virus within the sport. 

As a community the rinks have set up rules and guidelines with the help of the State and RI Hockey that must be followed by all in order to keep our great sport on the ice playing. We have overcome this adversity in the past and will do it again! 

Unfortunately, the State has determined that new guidelines are needed and will be coming to control any possible future spread of COVID-19. This board will continue to work tirelessly with the State to make sure all players, coaches and spectators remain safe and in the rinks like we have been doing since this pandemic started. 

Remember, the previous rules such as mask wearing, limiting spectators in the rink, social distancing in and outside the rink, no gathering near benches and others are all things we can work harder at as a community to make sure a shut down does not happen again. 

We will be back and we will be stronger and safer than ever after this short pause in the action! 

Stay positive, stay focused and continue to work hard on and off of the ice. We got this RI hockey!

We will see you at a rink soon!

Best Regards,

Board of Directors

Rhode Island Hockey

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